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We are engineering partners of ambitious startups & enterprises. Vision: To empower people who build solutions that make a difference globally. Values: Empathetic, Inclusive, Adaptive, Innovative The story behind our name In 2005, Ajax changed the way we used the web. Something similar was done by Abacus for math calculations. Naturally, when coming up with a name for our company based on groundbreaking technologies, we came up with Ajackus – Ajax + Abacus. Philosophy We may not know the solutions every time, but we do know how to find solutions every time. And this is what makes us a good fit to become your strategic technology partners. Some quick facts & figures about us Client base of approximately 37% startups, 20% enterprises, 24% SMEs 3 success stories of inception to the acquisition of > $100 million, various other success stories Served customers across 5 continents What makes us different? We believe that people are at the center of the success of any organization, be it the internal team or customers. Continuous development of the right set of people internally (team) helps our customers in achieving their vision. With this thought process, we have set up a unique system for hiring, nurturing and aligning our team with the client processes.

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  • eCommerce, Financial services, Information technology
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  • B wing, 6th Floor, Ackruti Trade Center, Andheri E Mumbai 400093 India
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