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Cardinal Path leverages digital analytics to deliver insight, understanding, and outcomes that create competitive advantage for our clients. We engage at the strategic, business, and technical level to generate tangible and quantifiable value for our partners. Described as “analytics ninjas” by Forrester Research, we consider data to be the raw material of our craft.  We have experience up and down the Business Intelligence stack to include advanced attribution modeling and deploying and integrating leading analytics platforms, dashboards, tag management, and statistical analysis technologies. We do this through our proven approach, the Cardinal Path, to provide clients with a single point of truth that informs and empowers confident data-driven decision-making.  We applied this approach to brands such as Merck, Papa Johns, US Cellular, NPR, NBC News, DeVry and hundreds of others

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  • Automotive, Consumer products & services, eCommerce, Education, Financial services, Manufacturing
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  • 111 East Wacker Drive, Suite 300 Chicago 60601 United States
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