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Founded in 2007, Dimentrix Technologies is a privately held company that specializes in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, catering to multiple business segments. We bring technical expertise, transparency, accountability, and thorough attention to detail on every project. We are super proud of our very talented and dedicated team who time again have proven to have built fast, innovative, intuitive, beautiful, and reliable software solutions. OUR SOLUTIONS DeepInsight is an Advanced Business Intelligence and Data Analytics platform designed to help your company monetize data. With DeepInsight, you have a unified solution where you visualize, analyze, and gain meaningful insights about your business faster and more effectively and securely, on any device. It is a single platform that covers all your data needs from robust data discovery, data quality to powerful reporting with predictive analytics, personalized dashboards, secure and easy collaboration, applied machine learning and mobile BI. You can try the free edition here: While DeepInsight continues to be our flagship platform, we had also developed a powerful open-source COM interoperability tool called j-Interop for accessing dcom in a pure java environment. Support for non-automation interfaces, complex structures, and callback capabilities made j-Interop a viable and robust open-source alternative to commercial options. You can learn about this solution here: We also developed FLEET IMPAQ which is a web-based solution for vehicle telematics, driver management, risk management, and BI reporting. You can learn about this solution here:

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  • Business services, Consumer products & services, Information technology
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  • Dimentrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 201 Akshay Vaibhav building Baner, Pune 411045 India
  • MIT School of Management (MITSOM), MIT campus, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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