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For most of the entrepreneurs, technology is an integral part of their startup, but it is not their core area of expertise. Building and managing a tech team is cumbersome, and founders usually end up wasting a lot of time, effort and money. This is where EngineerBabu comes into the picture. We are specialized in building MVP (minimum viable product) for startups. Almost 80% of our clients are entrepreneurs who have a rough idea, need fast execution at lower cost and need a quality team which is approachable. They come to us with an idea, and we help them build their tech infrastructure. In short, we are a startup made to help other startups. 100% Project delivery with average 9.5 Rating. Products developed by us selected in Y-Combinator 2016 & 2017. Featured in Victorian AIIA Awards Most innovative Premier Design Award. Samsung (Outsourced 10 Apps to us) We are solving the following problems: 1. Hiring the right candidate, it's three-month-long process (Interviews - Filtering - Selection - Notice Period - Joining - Training ) 2. Managing Team is a complicated job, for Non-tech founders, it's even harder. Most of the people ended up hiring the wrong team. 3. Fixed Infrastructure cost ( Systems, Rent, Internet etc.). With time, systems become outdated and infra requires maintenance. 4. Hiring full-time team in the USA and Hiring a team in India with same experience has approx. 70% price difference. 5. Monthly fixed salaries ( People were getting appraisal based on months experience rather than enhancement in skills)

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  • Financial services, Information technology
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