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Genese Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a multinational company, a part of Genese Solution based in the United Kingdom. We are a cloud consulting company and cloud service provider working to enable rapid digital transformation. We began our operations in Nepal in 2019 through Foreign Direct Investment from the parent company in the UK. Including the UK and Nepal, we have our presence in 7 different nations - India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Finland and Australia.

Our vision is to design, deliver, and innovate; to create a world class, future focused ecosystem in the ICT sector, across different global locations. Through our end-to-end product and service engineering and digital transformation solutions, we enable companies and startups across Europe and Asia to efficiently and cost effectively utilize their ICT capabilities to deliver their own products and services better in close collaboration with our internationally certified engineers , solution architects, and domain experts.

Cloud consulting is our specialized domain of expertise. We offer top-quality cloud solutions after a thorough audit of your business ecosystem, infrastructure, operations, processes, and applications. We have over 50 internationally certified expert engineers to help you optimize your IT challenges and convert them into cost effective opportunities. Needless to say, customer centricity and high-quality support is a key differentiator across the wide portfolio of services we offer.

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  • Advertising & marketing, Business services, eCommerce, Education, Financial services, Government, Information technology
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