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According to an IBGE survey, Maria is the most common name among Brazilian women. Maria is also the name of this agency that has the city of São Paulo as its surname and the mission to humanize relationships through communication made by people for people.

With a plural and multidisciplinary team, Maria is an agency that welcomes uniqueness. They are Marias from different parts of Brazil and the world, with different histories, beliefs, races, genders, trajectories, tastes, preferences, backgrounds. Few and good. The employees who work at Maria today come from multinational agencies with the idea of participating in an agency with the energy and excitement of a start-up but with the metrics, methodologies, practices and knowledge of a multinational company. In the agency, equality between men and women is already a reality, here they are already the majority and represent 78% of employees.

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  • Information technology
Digital Marketing Services
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  • Rua Natingui, 862, Vila Madalena São Paulo 05443-000 Brazil
  • Rua Natingui, Torres Tibagy, Guarulhos - São Paulo, 07062, Brazil

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