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Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that the deftness and virtuosity of Neil Mehta and Hardy Thomas crafted the successful character of mExcelle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,a leading mobile technology firm that develops and services innovative and disruptive advanced mobile solutions for clients across the globe. The prime movers of the company had a common goal and that was to develop products and services of great value to the customer that had the potential to disrupt the market. They set their sights on devising mobile solutions that could scale and secure a robust position in the ecosystem. The company had designed agile and lean product development process to help its clients enhance their performance and profitability. It is also highly skilled in Game development, Web development, Augmented and Virtual reality,AI and Automation. Its sole intention The company has scripted an excellent strategy for securing a healthy fortune. It plans to familiarize itself with the latest technology and market trends, excel and at the same time be exemplar in the mobile apps industry. “We always aspire to develop technologies and innovate to the best results for our clients” states Neil. mExcelle is a platform that increases the reputation of their clients and brand while being cost efficient, innovative by using disruptive design & development technologies within the Mobile Applications space. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this company provides the highest quality of services and products, carved by technology veterans.

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  • eCommerce, Information technology, Non-profit
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  • 307, 3rd Floor, Sai Chambters, TPS Plot 10, near Santacruz station eas Mumbai 400055 India
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