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At Poatek, no matter your industry or software needs, we are here to help you boost your business with the best technology. We bring the top 1% of tech talent to your team, regardless if you are a startup, small to medium business or an enterprise level company.

Our services include:

Custom and Agile Software Development:
While planning is a must early in the process, our Agile approach means you can change those plans as you go and discover new features or iterations you’d like to add. To succeed at this, the key is communication, early and often, so we can be sure your expectations are being met and exceeded. You get the final say.

Mobile App Development:
No matter the platform, our team builds apps that meet current business needs but also have the ability to scale to add new features, cross platforms, or perform updates down the road.

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  • Automotive, Financial services, Information technology
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  • Av Cristovao Colombo 2955, 8th floor Porto Alegre 90506002 Brazil
  • Avenida Cristóvão Colombo 2955, Higienópolis, Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul, 90560, Brazil

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