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Point B is a nimbly sized agency that for over 40 years has built its success by helping other companies achieve theirs. We don’t have an agency basketball court – or an in-house barista. And we’re not a bunch of creative purists convinced that what we do is art. We are roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty marketers who judge our success by your bottom line, not our dusty awards shelf. Simply put, Point B builds brands. Brands that stick – Brands that resonate – Brands that connect with people on an organic level. We do it through compelling work, insightful strategies and meticulous planning. And we do it on time and on budget. It’s not always easy, but we do our best to make it look that way. And have more than a little fun doing it.

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  • Financial services, Hospitality & leisure, Information technology
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  • 600 W. Fulton, Suite 710, Chicago 60661 United States
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