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Digital marketing has covered all over the world. It is not the trend anymore, but trends cannot survive without digital marketing. Digital marketing is a product, a service, a strategy, a solution, a business etc. . And in a digital marketing world where competition is on high, one needs to follow and analyze the various trends that are likely to affect the market. Here we have such trends that are likely to have a greater impact on current and future market:

Augmented Reality

With advancement in the technology and people becoming tech savvy augmented reality or AR is the most important trend that impacts the business. The success of Pokémon Go is known to everyone and it demonstrates how the integration of AR with social media can be a game changer. As the number of mobile phone users is increasing in India and across the globe, different brands are focusing on Augmented Reality to establish better engagement with the users.

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  • Automotive, eCommerce, Hospitality & leisure, Manufacturing
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