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SumatoSoft offers full circle software development, starting from raw ideas and resulting in end-to-end business systems that are ready to work.

At the start of the development, we delve into a client’s business challenges, needs, and pain points and describe a software solution that fully meets those needs and requirements.

During the development, we adhere to best management and development practices. That implies:

The use of the Agile approach to project development allows us to complete projects on time and within budget.
Full transparency of the working process. Our clients can check the project status 24/7, ask and get answers to any question about the project and the way we are building it.
Reliable, open, and trustworthy collaboration. You get an assigned manager who helps to resolve emerging issues on the product and provides additional information to make the right decision during the development.
Striving for code quality. Our Senior Developers and CTO always participate in the Code Review process regardless of the project size to ensure code quality.
Use of only relevant development approaches. Our activity, technologies, and approaches we use are to deliver results for our client’s businesses and accomplish their goals.
Post-release support after the project is completed. We provide comprehensive support to our clients and promptly respond to any questions regarding the use of the developed software.
We help companies to apply the best IT innovations to gain competitive benefits, improve their business efficiency and effectiveness, and raise the quality of services and products to a new level.

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  • Automotive, eCommerce, Education, Hospitality & leisure
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  • One Boston Place, Suite 2602 Boston 02108 United States
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