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The DM Lab, The Digital Marketing Laboratory, is a small but perfectly formed design and digital marketing agency. A results-driven business whose reputation is based on our clients’ success. Clients are the heart and soul of this business we exist to serve them and without them we simply wouldn’t exist. It is this client-focused, driven approach, that sets us apart. We’re so confident in our ability to deliver results that we do not tie clients into any contracts. We’re flexible. We review a project’s progress regularly, working with each client’s changing needs and budget. We ensure we can deliver something achievable every step. As clients see a return on their investment, they increase their marketing budget with us and together we grow in tandem. Relationships blossom and word spreads. With new clients, we understand there is a reluctance, financially, to commit. To address this, we investigate how we can maximise this in the shortest timeframe possible, so we offer a unique package where we will only charge new clients the costs of the paid advertising over the course of 6-8 weeks and develop a campaign that will generate leads, sales and lay the foundations for ongoing marketing going forward. With these immediate wins, it builds trust and confidence that we actively deliver results.

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  • Arts, entertainment & music, Education, Energy & natural resources, Financial services, Hospitality & leisure
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  • The DM Lab, Suite 2B, Penn House, 9-10 Broad Street Hereford HR4 9AP United Kingdom
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01432 607 660

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